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pleasedonte asked:

Hey I was wondering what the deal was with that shirt give away? I'm just curious if that was still going on...

Hi there! It totally is, but I ran into some delays in the production process (mostly because the guy I’m working gives me a discount, but that means bigger projects that bring him real money can bump me back in the schedule). I should probably post an announcement about that, thanks for reminding me!


I am a forgetful person and forgot to post about it, but yes, t-shirts are still forthcoming! Apologies for the delay, that discount mentioned above is the reason I was able to do the drawing in the first place. ^^;; Thank you for your patience, and I will post an update when the product comes in! <3 <3 <3

Important Announcement




April Fools everyone! I still hate DmC and everything in it and have no plans to let that cancer onto my blog in any serious manner. Apologies to any fans of DmC who got your hopes up except no not really I’m not sorry at all and I will enjoy your bitter tears of disappointment.

REAL apologies to anyone who thought I was serious. I’m sorry I tricked you, and two REAL texts will be up on the blog at 10pm and 11pm. I will keep the fake texts up because they make me laugh.

Also I took the opportunity to make a few little changes to the blog’s look! We have a proper header now and I changed the logo in the background to the DMC4 logo simply because I think that one looks cool.

Apologies to any fans of DmC who got your hopes up except no not really I’m not sorry at all and I will enjoy your bitter tears of disappointment.

??? Necessary?  I really don’t think anyone’s disappointed or thought your prank was believable, but really

Yeah, I had previously followed them because their content was funny and because they used to be slightly more respectful that some people are fans of both classic and reboot. But there’s parody (which is fine, I’ll make fun of DmC myself), and then there’s pissing directly on other people for what they like, and they crossed the line about ten times during this.


In-Game Gif Comic: April Fools' Day. 1/? 


Gif 1#.

Vergil, “Dante, look at the date.”

Dante, “April 1st…….”

Gif 2#.

Dante, “Don’t you dare, Verg.” 

Vergil, “God, don’t worry.”

Gif 3#.

Vergil, “I don’t think I could top last year anyways.” 

Gif 4#.

-Flash backs

Gif 5#.

Vergil, “I loved you, brother.” 

Kat, “Dante?”

Gif 6#.

Dante, “I didn’t mean it. I just-“

-Vergil appears

Dante, “Verg-“

Gif 7#. 

Vergil, “April Fool’s, Dante!”

Gif 8#. 

Dante, “Fucking dick!” 

Vergil, “Christ, Dante. Were you about to cry?”

-Present day 

Dante, “I’m still pissed about that.” 

Gif 9#.

Vergil, “By the way, Dante. Kat put semen in that can while you were in the bathroom.” 

Gif 10#. 

-Dante spitting


Imagine your icon turning in to a cat, and proceeding to do cat-like things, Both positive ( nuzzling against you, licking you, and falling asleep in your lap) and negative (clawing your furniture, sitting on your keyboard, and begging for food)

Still with the fedora, and still a creeper apparently. ^^;;

what am I doing with my life take this program away from me


your tags honey pls


i love you okay and you’re amazing and sweet and we should have babies.

9000 babies

over 9000 babies

Hang on

Lemme finish rolling around on the floor in pain first

Then you can have all the babies from me that you want

Dᴀɴᴛᴇ - I like it rough.

→ !view full work at ᴅᴇᴠɪᴀɴᴛart! . alternative link ::::: base model + posed in XNALara XPS10, then popped into Photoshop CS3 for 8 hours of baking (intense editing).

a/n: I haven’t done a… portrait? styled piece yet, so a few days ago I randomly felt like taking a swing at it! Wanted to play with some wounds and a little blood. Y’know. For fun. So I roughed Dante up just a bit, but it’s okay. I think he likes it.

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